February 20, 2011

My name is Ann…not really…but here it is. I am a  mom in the Dallas suburbs. I have 3 kids at home with me and a 4th that has already left the nest. I am happily married for 7 years to Jim…not really, well I AM happily married for 7 years but his name isnt Jim, but here it is. Our kids are Bobby (not really), age 7; he is mentally challenged and has mulitple behaviour issues. He is my stepson, he was 5 months old when I married his dad. Long story and not going to get into it here. This is not what this blog is about. We also have a set of 5 year old twins, Sally and Sammy (again, not really). My point is to be anonymous. I dont want anyone to know who we are or identify us. I want to be abel to be perfectly honest here about my opinions and service on the places I discuss. This blog is to help the other average Dallas families utilize our city, and enjoy our eats. I will tell you exactly what I think of where we go and what we do. We dont have a ton of money so I look for things on the low cost spectrum. I will bitch and complain if I think we are getting ripped off, because in this economy, we all need to find the best bargain to entertain our families…with that said, here is my first post.



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