February 20, 2011

We joined the Museum if Science and Nature today. One of the most sound decisions I have made to date. This is a MUST for any family, I dont care how poor you are. For $90 we get to go to the Science Place and see all the regular exhibits, go to the special exhibits at a very discounted rate, including IMAX and the Planetarium and we get to do this all year! If we go only once a month this is less than $10 a trip for a family of 5!!!And we plan to go more than once a month, the kids absolutely loved it and they came out with so much freaking new knowledge is wasnt even funny. They played in the dinosaur dig, wandered thru the body exhibit, learned how we throw up, then played for hours in the hands on Children’s museum. They have  real life things, a play farm they learn about growing food, milking cows, gathering eggs, riding horses (pretend) and food distribution. They also have a huge “What’s in our Backyard” room, with bugs, snakes, spiders and dress up stuff. They have kitchen toys, computers, a water room that mimics a flowing stream with water toys. This place is awesome! There are plenty of places for parents to sit and relax while watching the kids

Here is the real deal on this place. We went a few weeks ago and paid $41 for all of us to do this.Not bad. Then I find out the membership gets us in as often we want and is just double what we paid for one visit.  Of course the choice was obvious. We joined. We git 4 free tickets to IMAX which we used to see the Seamonsters movie. Totally awesome but scared the crap out of Sally. This is not fort timid kids. The boys loved it but I had to taker her out about halfway. A word to the larger folks, the seats are not made for bigger butts and hips. We went to the Cafe while the boys finished the movie. I got a large Pepsi and nachos, got Sally a tiny bag of Cheetos and the bill was almost $9. Not a good deal and the nachos were just the cheese sauce and tortilla chips.  The bag of Cheetos was the one you pay 3 for a $1 at the grocery store and the large Pepsi was what most places would call a small these days. They had salads, sandwiches and lots of kid friendly food, but seriously, I would eat before you go, because it’s all pretty mediocre and way over priced. I dont know why these types of places dont follow the pricing guidelines like a regular fast food joint. I am sure more people would eat there if they didnt have to pay such high prices for such basic food. I would like the convience, but I will skip the Cafe, even tho we get a 10% discount with our membership. The gift shop is fairly reasonable in pricing, which really surprised me. We are also in line for 4 free tickets to the Planetarium. The thing I liked also was that since we got 4 free tickets to IMAX and chose to use them today, we had to buy another ticket since we have 5 in our group and they charged us the childs price instead of making us pay the adult price. I thought that was pretty cool.

This is located at Dallas Fair Park and is accessible by Dart Green line. You do have to be prepared to walk a bit from the transit station, but on a nice day it wouldnt be a bad trek.


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  1. debc said

    That sounds like fun. My kids would probably love the “What’s In Your Back Yard?” exhibit.

    We do a membership to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens every year and sometimes to the zoo. The botanical garden has a section just for kids, called the World of Wonders. It’s got water fountains they can play in, exhibits and they also do crafts and things.

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